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Zero-emissions truck developer completes $170 million financing round

The emerging zero-emissions truck brand is now ready to test and deploy its leading models around the world

An emerging zero-emissions truck force has continued to rise after completing its second phase of Series B financing.

Electric heavy-duty truck developer Windrose Technology has raised a total of $170 million in funding, with investors including HSBC, HITE Hedge Asset Management and digital infrastructure specialist Goodman Group.

The proceeds of the funding will be used to accelerate Windrose’s testing and deployment of its electric long-haul trucks globally, while also allowing it to establish a new supply chain centre and production facility and implementing fast-charging infrastructure.

The first installation of one of the world’s fastest mega-watt level chargers will be operational at Goodman’s Citylink property near Beijing, China this year.

“As a young entrepreneur in my early 30s, I’m deeply respectful of the enormity of our vision of bringing zero-emission long-haul trucks to China, Europe, the US and other parts of the world,” Windrose CEO, founder and chairman Wen Han says.

“My Stanford education has fostered the entrepreneurial spirit in me, but I also recognise that Windrose can only achieve our goal of revolutionising the global trucking industry by standing on the shoulder of giants, and I’m truly grateful to be supported by world-class investors, customers and partners.”

Windrose Technology is building the next generation of zero-emissions and intelligent long-haul trucks that serve customers in moving consumer and industrial goods, offer cleaner and cheaper logistics around the world.

The company’s first electric long-haul truck has a range of 670km under full load of 49 tonnes, with the brand completing high temperature, high altitude and low temperature testing.

“We’re supporting Windrose’s battery electric autonomous-ready heavy-duty truck solutions as part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” Goodman Group greater China CEO Kristoffer Harvey says.

“Installing one of the world’s fastest mega-watt chargers at Goodman Citylink is a breakthrough step in empowering our customers’ green transportation goals and we look forward to seeing more of this innovation across our portfolio.”

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