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WRF CEO calls for freight route improvement

Despite multiple strategies and reports, more needs to be done to improve freight routes

Western Roads Federation (WRF) CEO Cam Dumesny says the recent bushfire on the Eyre Highway has highlighted the need to improve Australia’s road and rail freight routes. 

The WRF says severe weather events appear to be occurring more frequently, with three disruptions across South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory already taking place this year. 

While there’s been federal inquiries, a Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Economics desktop report and the National Freight Supply Chain Strategy that lists resilience as a measure of its success, the WRF says nothing tangible has been delivered to improve these freight routes. 

It also says Australia’s defence force should be concerned over the freight routes vulnerability as the defence moves its focus to Northern Australia. 

“Defence strategists and planners should be noting with deep concern that currently our transnational freight routes are already vulnerable and barely fit for purpose,” Dumesny says. 

While there’s strong support for a national freight and supply chain strategy, the WRF says there must be recognition that the current strategy isn’t delivering. 

WRF says the current freight system that relies on the courage of emergency services, a cost/stress impost on transport operators and keeping drivers away longer from family and friends isn’t acceptable. 

WRF says the federal government must work with road and rail operators to undertake transnational freight movements and implement practical solutions to improve these routes. 

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