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WMC get LDV vans in October

First LDV-branded vans from Chinese manufacturer will be in Australian dealerships by October, importer WMC says

By Gary Worrall | July 20, 2012

The first LDV-branded vans from Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Company (SMCV) will be in Australian dealerships by October, importer WMC says.

WMC CEO Jason Pecotic made the announcement at the signing of an agreement with SMCV that secures WMC’s Australian distributorship rights for most of the next decade.

The LDV product will be offered as a van and mini bus, with the standard equipment list including rear barn doors, tyre pressure monitoring, 16-inch alloy wheels, dual sliding doors and door integrated electric entry steps.

Designed and tested in Europe, the LDV uses a 2.5-litre VM diesel engine providing power and torque outputs of 100kW and 330Nm,

Pecotic says WMC has ordered an initial batch of 120 vans as dealer stock to be sold through a network of 45 dealers.

With a lengthy agreement in place, Pecotic says WMC can now confidently invest in its after-sales and spare parts to back up the sales effort.

He says the distribution agreement also signals SMCV’s confidence in WMC, based on the work done ahead of the LDV launch in Australia.

“I believe we have demonstrated our enthusiasm and professionalism for the LDV van during the past few months as preparations for the launch of the new vehicles has been underway and this has given SMCV the confidence to agree to a long-term agreement,” Pecotic says.

“Commercial in confidence precludes us from revealing the exact term of the agreement, suffice to say that so long as performance requirements are met WMC Group will be distributing SMCV product in Australia for most of the next decade.”

SMCV Managing Director Lan Quingsong says he is confident WMC will be successful with the LDV brand, based on the work done ready to receive the first products.

“Australia is a very important new market for SMCV and the LDV brand so the extensive work WMC Group has put into preparing for the launch of the brand has set the foundation for a very successful future,” Lan says.

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