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WiseTech launches logistics device-as-a-service program

T firm links with Motorola Solutions to tackle mobility and radio frequency issues for smaller firms

November 12, 2013

WiseTech Global has linked with Motorola Solutions to tackle mobility and radio frequency (RF) issues.

The Australian-headquartered logistics technology developer is launching its ‘logistics device-as-a-service’ (LDaaS) program in Australia and New Zealand, saying it will bring affordability for transport companies and reduce the cost of RF in warehouses.

LDaaS sees WiseTech’s leading logistics and transport software products, CargoWise and TransLogix, being packaged with Motorola Solutions’ latest handheld ruggedised mobile devices and a SIM card.

It aims to marry comprehensive job management, GPS tracking and sign-on-glass with Motorola RF options, including hands free and voice picking.

WiseTech likens the cost structure to a monthly fee similar to that of a smartphone plan, which it sees as “a first for the logistics industry”.

It is part of a company strategy to bring small and medium-sized transport companies the IT benefits that previously only bigger firms could afford.

“With the proliferation of smartphones, we’ve come to expect mobile software solutions at a very low cost,” Ralf Moller, WiseTech General Manager, Marketing, explains.

“However, consumer smartphones just aren’t suitable devices in the operational rough and tumble of the transport industry.

“In this environment, we need durable, easy-to-support and standardised devices that are locked down so that they can only be used for the business purpose they are provided.

“Whilst costs have come down, suitable ruggedised devices for business remain relatively expensive compared to consumer products.”

“In our partnership with Motorola Solutions, WiseTech is one of the first in our industry to bundle a rugged device, SIM and a logistics software solution in a simple monthly fee a similar price to a smartphone plan and without locking customers in for a year or more.”

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