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WiseTech Global announces Mexican freight acquisition

WiseTech Global’s latest acquisition will allow it to expand its logistics solution closer to the US

Sydney-based logistics software company WiseTech Global has announced its latest acquisition in Mexican customs and international trade software solutions company Sistemas Casa.

WiseTech Global develops the leading logistics execution software CargoWise, with this acquisitions now allows it to simplify its customs operations for global freight forwarders as Mexico emerges as a nearshore manufacturing location for the US.

Sistemas Casa was founded back in 1995 and is headquartered in Mexico City, developing and offering a suite of customs software solutions to automate the operational and administrative processes to help importers and exporters comply with Mexico’s customs regulations as part of international trade operations.

With an authorisation issued by the National Customs Agency of Mexico, Sistemas Casa can provide pre-validation services of the data in customs declarations, with customers including customs brokers operating on behalf of the likes of DHL, UPS and FedEx.

WiseTech Global chief execution officer Vlad Bilanovsky says Sistemas Casa brings deep domain expertise and a proven technology systems specific to Mexico’s customs processing requirements.

“This acquisition is another step in our strategy to provide a single global customs system for customs clearance and cross-border compliance, which is an increasingly complex and critical part of world trade,” Bilanovsky says.

“With Sistemas Casa, our global customs system will cover more than 70 per cent of global manufactured trade flows via a combination of our native customs platform and acquired businesses, taking us closer to our 90 per cent target.

“We’re committed to meeting the needs of large global freight forwarders who seek a single global customs platform to make their customs processing more efficient, compliant and secure.

“We’re progressing towards our vision to be the operating system for global logistics.”

Sistemas Casa’s operations will be integrated within the WiseTech Global group and remain under its current leadership, with Sistemas Casa delivering customs solutions directly to customers and offering other CargoWise solutions over time.

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