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Wharf and port sector to face RSRT scrutiny

Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal to begin inquiry into the container operations of Australia’s main ports.


Australia’s major ports will soon come under scrutiny, after the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) announced an inquiry into the wharf and port sector of the trucking industry.

RSRT president Jennifer Acton says three members of the tribunal will examine container work practices at the ports of Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney.

RSRT senior deputy president Lea Drake and tribunal members Steve Hutchins and Tim Squires will be responsible for conducting the inquiry and compiling interim and final reports on their findings.

Acton says the final report will be used to determine if the RSRT should issue a road safety remuneration order, which may stipulate terms and conditions on parties involved in port work.

The investigation is part of the tribunal’s third annual work program and follows the announcement of an inquiry into the waste management sector.

Acton says interested parties will have the opportunity to make submissions on issues, incentives, pressures and practices affecting safety and fairness in the wharf and port sector.

“Suggestions are also sought from interested persons about operations in this wharf and port sector of the road transport industry that might be inspected by the Tribunal as part of the inquiry,” a statement from Acton says.

Written submissions must be lodged with the RSRT by March 27, while responses to the submissions need to be made by April 24.


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