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WA to expand Wubin truck assembly area

The truck assembly area at Wubin in Western Australia will receive an additional 30 parking bays

A truck assembly area at Wubin in Western Australia will be extended to address congestion issues.

Fifty parking bays will be added to the existing 30, which will allow drivers to rest and assemble trucks.

The WA and Federal governments have each set aside $1.5 million in funding under the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program for the $3 million expansion.

“The hardstand area will be increased by approximately 30 per cent but will allow a modified layout of bays resulting in an increase from the existing 30 bays to approximately 80 bays,” WA Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts says.

“Preconstruction and planning for the works is well underway and construction is currently planned for April to June 2014.”

WA Road Transport Association CEO Ian King has welcomed the works, saying the area reaches full capacity each night.

“The last thing drivers need to be doing is fighting tooth and nail to try and get a parking spot when really it should be automatically if they’ve got the right to be there,” King says.

“The Government has to be applauded because they are listening to the industry.

A Western Australian road train driver and blogger named Mike says some of the parking areas along the Great Northern Highway are big enough for only three trucks.

“In fact, some of the parking areas are so restricted that if three trucks fit into them then they must leave in the precise order they arrived in – there is simply no room to get around the truck in front,” Mike states on his twocrowsdown blog.

“Hopefully the first truck in doesn’t expect a sleep-in. This is an age where more and more responsibility is being forced upon the driver and as a driver I am being forced further and further into a corner.

“To get out of this corner I need the freedom to stop in a parking bay that has room for my truck when I need it; I need to have spacious road train assembly areas to assemble and disassemble triple road trains and I need to know that “those-who-must-be-obeyed” have some concept of the hurdles we face.”

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