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VTA warns drivers of new monitoring cameras and signage

The VTA is warning heavy vehicle drivers that new monitoring cameras and signage are being placed in the Port of Melbourne area to track curfews

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) says heavy vehicle drivers should prepare to see monitoring cameras and new road signage communicating important information about restrictions.

The VTA says it has been working closely with Freight Victoria and the Department of Transport to ensure a sensible balance is maintained between operator productivity and community amenity with respect to heavy vehicle movement in the inner west Port of Melbourne precinct.

From September 19 onward, the new cameras and road signage will be in place, with the VTA wanting to update operators about curfews and restrictions in the inner west which has caused recent confusion.

The VTA says curfews have been in place on many roads in the inner west for nearly 20 years, with the re-defining of these curfews having taken access one step closer to the completion of the West Gate Tunnel.

The VTA says operators should note the following:

24/7 Curfews

Heavy vehicles are prohibited at all times on Hyde Street, North of Francis St.

  • Hyde Street – (Francis Street to Napier Street).

Partial Curfews

Heavy vehicles are prohibited from 8pm-6am weeknights and from 1pm Saturday to 6am Monday.

  • Somerville Road
  • Francis Street
  • Moore Street
  • Whitehall Street – (Francis to Somerville Road)
  • Hyde Street – (South of Francis Street)
  • High Productivity Freight Vehicles may operate on permit conditions.
  • Williamstown Road

No Curfews

  • Footscray Rd
  • Napier Street
  • Buckley Street
  • Whitehall Street –(Somerville Rd to Napier St).
  • Sunshine Road
  • Geelong Road
  • West Gate Freeway

The VTA also says bridge height clearances in Napier Street of four metres must be observed, and ask any operators unsure on these restrictions to contact them.

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