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VTA launches wharf carrier group

New sub-group of Victorian transport operators will concentrate on advocacy and policy on issues specific to wharf carriers.


The Victorian Transport Association has launched a new sub-group within its membership that will concentrate on issues specific to wharf carriers.

CEO Peter Anderson says the new Wharf Carrier Group aims to enhance the voice of the association’s membership.

It will seek to develop policy and actions around issues such industrial relations at ports.

“The Wharf Carrier Group will enable us to focus our resources and efforts in the areas of advocacy, debate and action on wharf-related issues directly pertaining to wharf carriers,” Anderson says.

“This sector-specific group has been formed by VTA members and will draw from its membership base to develop policy, actions and results in reference to container carrier activities.”

Strong outcomes at ports will have flow-on benefits for the wider transport community, he adds.

“We look forward to the results the Wharf Carrier Group will bring to this sector of the industry and the improvements in our operating environment that will follow,” he says.

The first meeting of the group has been scheduled for this Friday, February 20.

The launch of the group comes a few months after a similar enterprise, the Container Transport Alliance Australia, was established by former VTA CEO Neil Chambers.

Launched in December last year, this private service focuses on the landside parts of the container transport chain.

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