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VTA endorses North East Link as revolutionary freight route

Following recent discourse over the cost and size of the North East Link project in Victoria, the VTA has come out in defence of the infrastructure plans

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has welcomed and endorsed the Victorian government’s “visionary and long-term” plans for the North East Link.

The freight infrastructure project is now well underway in the north east suburbs of Melbourne, following recent knowledge of cost increases primarily due to changes to the size and scope of the project.

“The North East Link will fundamentally change how freight is moved around Melbourne and to and from the south east of the state when it’s completed in 2028,” VTA CEO Peter Anderson says.

“When we, along with the RACV, advocated for the then state government to complete the missing link in Melbourne’s ring road, it was because we knew freight operators were desperate for a freeway connection that mitigated going into Melbourne to get out of Melbourne.

“The North East Link solves this by diverting traffic around the city on a technologically modern and safe roadway, which also returns arterial roads to commuter traffic.”

Anderson says the Victorian government should be applauded for listening to the experts and making changes to the project that will improve connections from the Eastern Freeway and M80, in recognition of the greater capacity these transport networks will require to carry more passenger and commercial vehicles.

“Cost increases are expected in any major infrastructure project and the North East Link is no exception. It must be noted that much of the increases have gone towards local community amenity to ensure the best return for those communities that will be directly affected by the building of this project,” Anderson says.

“Additional costs to reduce road congestion have also been factored into the project, with things like the new Bulleen Park and Ride and dedicated bus lanes an incentive for commuters to use public transport. This will provide immense productivity benefits for freight operators, with massive commercial benefits to the freight industry after completion, and to be realised over many future decades.

“We are pleased that the Premier and her government have been transparent with this announcement and has ensured that the people of Victoria in general and the road freight industry specifically is confident that this project will be built on time and deliver the productivity improvements to all users.”

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