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VTA encourages 24/7 operations

VTA launches cost model to help trucking operators move to 24/7 operations to meet growing freight task

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has launched a cost optimisation model which it hopes will assist and encourage trucking operators to determine the benefits of running a 24/7 operation.

VTA Deputy Chief Executive Neil Chambers says the rapid growth of the Australian freight task has meant companies now have to analyse aspects of their business such as their fleet, equipment and people more than ever before.

He says the model will make it easier for companies to decide how to carry out operations that save on time and money without clogging up transport routes.

“The comprehensive spreadsheet model allows real operational data to be input to diagnose the potential operational savings where a longer spread of operational hours is being contemplated,” Chambers says.

“The Victorian Government has clear strategies to encourage better utilisation of road transport assets as the freight task grows, in the face of increased public concerns about road congestion, environmental sustainability and community amenity.

“The [Brumby] Government’s facilitative role in the development of the cost optimisation model is a tangible example of collaboration with industry that makes a real difference.”

The model was initially developed to deal with traffic at the Port of Melbourne, but was expanded after the developers realised operational issues were a much wider issue.

“Originally, the model was being designed to assist container transport operators through the Port of Melbourne where trends towards operations on a seven-day basis, and at night, are strong to cope with increased trade growth,” LATUS Managing Director Mike Wood says.

“However, we realise that operators and customers in a variety of freight logistics chains have a need to continually review the cost benefits of their operations, so we have ensured that the model can do that.”

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