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VR becoming crucial Sydney Trains training tool 

Sydney Trains has adopted virtual reality in training its staff to ensure real world application of previously difficult to conduct continuation training 

Sydney Train employees are receiving a new element to their training, with virtual reality (VR) now providing simulations of emergency and evacuation scenarios. 

The VR setting allows simulations to be carried out in a realistic yet secure environment. 

Train crew, including drivers and guards, are required to undertake continuation training to ensure skills and knowledge remain up to date. 

Much of this continuation training has traditionally been conducted on video due to the challenging environment of completing it on trains or tracks, however the shift to virtual reality has enabled crew to participate in a more hands-on training experience. 

Executive director of train crewing Hayden Donoghue says that addition of virtual reality to crew training has offered a new dimension to employee skill acquisition. 

Operational trains were faithfully created in the VR program to ensure the virtual reality experience and real-life situation are exactly the same. 

“Virtual reality is the next level and what it allows us to do, for example on the Waratah trains, is practice deploying the emergency ramp. If we were to do that in practice, besides costing tens of thousands of dollars, that train would be out of service until everything was repacked and recharged,” Donoghue says. 

 “VR in the same timeframe allows almost every crew member to be trained in how to evacuate a train safely. 

“It’s one of those things I think we’ll do more and more, whether it be how to prepare a train, whether it be how to do an inspection of a train, it allows us to execute those in a safe place before people try it physically. 

“VR offers an extension of training like we have not had before.” 

The program was initially piloted in 2023 but has since become an integral part of the continuation program for train crewing with demand for more VR scenarios to be added to future training. 

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