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Volvo Trucks launches highest horsepower FH16 model to date in Australia

BREAKING – Volvo Trucks has announced the latest version of the FH16 for Australian operators, boasting the highest horsepower in the model to date

Volvo Trucks Australia has formally launched a new version of the FH16 that has the highest horsepower in the model that has been offered in Australia to date.

The new D17 engine in the FH16 was launched in Sweden in January, with the truck, boasting a new range of horsepower ratings from 600hp to 780hp, now in Australia.

Volvo Trucks Australia has announced that the entire D17 powertrain offers power options up to and including 780hp and will be launched locally throughout the middle months of this year as the FH16’s most powerful on-highway iteration.

Alongside the additional power, the updated FH16 also has increased in torque, with the 600hp variant offering 3000Nm of torque, while the 700hp offers 3400Nm and the 780hp version brings 3800Nm to bear.

With 17-litres in the Euro 6 engine, the main characteristics share the same architecture as the 16-litre engine it replaces, with the extra capacity coming courtesy of an increase in cylinder bore.

With a new fuel injection system joining low friction cylinder lines and wave top pistons, Volvo Group Australia director of product and performance Shayne Commons says all power ratings are Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) compatible.

“A world of possibilities has been built into this engine platform,” Commons says.

“Highly efficient drive trains capable of using alternative fuels will be a key part of our path to net zero-emissions.

“More power gives us the option of gearing our trucks for more efficiency on highway, more torque means less gear changes and more top gear time.

“However, for the person behind the wheel, the performance of the D17 engine in the new FH16 will impress – driver feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in regard to holding road speed in undulating terrain. Drivers will want to drive this FH16.”

The new FH16 and D17 engine will be available to order for Australian customers from July 2024.

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