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Volvo Trucks announces new-look heavy vehicle line-up

The updated Volvo Truck suite is set to hit Australia mid-year, with a new engine part of the refresh

In a global release, Volvo Trucks has unveiled its updated heavy-duty vehicle line-up, showcasing two updated models and a new engine platform.

As part of the release, Volvo has made a range of aerodynamic and safety updates to the FH and FM, while it also released an entirely new flagship 17-litre engine platform.

The FH range of heavy vehicles has been expanded with the addition of an extended front variant, known as the FH-Aero, which will be available to the European market.

The new D17 engine will come equipped with a single efficient turbo charger that boosts engine responsiveness and improve the driving experience.

“This latest iteration of the Volvo FH is the cleanest, most efficient and most powerful truck we’ve offered Australian customers yet,” Volvo Group Australia president and CEO Martin Merrick says.

“With the Volvo FH having just celebrated 30 years of delivering unparalleled levels of safety, performance and efficiency, it’s fitting that the revamped Volvo range has raised the bar in these areas once again.”

With power ratings for the Australian market yet to be confirmed, the Volvo innovative patented wave piston design will also optimise combustion and reduce emissions, while it says the new injection system will help ensure fuel economy.

Alongside updated brakes with Volvo patented drag, the Volvo FH revamp also comes with safety and efficiency improvements.

 Image: Volvo Group

While the FH and FM cab have both received significant aerodynamic improvements, the most noticeable feature will be the addition of an optional camera monitoring system (CMS) that replaces the traditional left and right mirror assembly.

Volvo says the recent relaxation of European length regulations has led to the development of the new FH Aero, with 240mm added to the front air dam of the cab.

Merrick says he’s confident that the new D17 engine will be “a game changer” for both linehaul, regional and heavy haulage customers across this country.

“This engine has been subjected to a brutal local testing program in some of the harshest conditions and some of the highest weights this country has to offer to ensure the uptime and productivity that Volvo Trucks customers have come to expect,” Merrick says.

“Regardless of drivelines, whether ICE or BEV, the Volvo FH will continue to deliver efficiency, safety, power and comfort for Australian drivers. I, for one, will be very proud to see the first of these new trucks roll off our Wacol assembly line mid-2024.”

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