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Volvo truck to be recalled

The Volvo FM is being recalled due to the passenger seat belt

The infrastructure sector of the Federal government has issued a recall of the Volvo FM truck.

Four units of the 2021 Volvo FM have been recalled due to a proper regarding its assembly.

The improper assembly of the Volvo FM means the passenger upper seat belt screw may not be screwed into the B-pillar, resulting in the possibility of the seat belt not operating as intended.

According to the government this is a hazard, as in the event of an accident a seat belt not operating as intended could increase the risk of injury or death to the vehicle occupant.

Consumers and owners of the affected vehicles can contact their nearest authorised Volvo Group Australia repairing dealer to schedule an appointment to have the work carried out free of charge.

The vehicle identification numbers (VIN) for the four affected vehicles are:

  • YV5XG40D3MD212970
  • YV5XT40D0MD212744
  • YV5X1G1D4MD212641
  • YV5XG40D3MD212497
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