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Volvo takes Sweden liquefied gas truck order

Volvo will provide 120 FHs that run on liquefied gas

Volvo Trucks has taken an order off Swedish logistics and contracting company Sandahls for trucks that run on liquefied has, making it Volvo’s largest order from Sweden.

Sandahls aims to phase out fossil-fuelled transport in its operations by 2025 and has placed a record order for 120 Finnvedens-supplied trucks that run on liquefied gas.

Ninety of these trucks will be delivered this year, as Sandahls has chosen to invest in biogas-powered trucks as a way of lowering its emissions as a logistics company.

To achieve its goal of phasing out fossil-fuelled transport by 2025, Sandahls has invested in the 120 Volvo FHs through a deal with Volvo vendor Finnvedens Lastvagnar, which has 20 service facilities in Sweden.

Part of the order is that Sandahls will enter into a biogas fuel agreement with Gasum, with the biogas fuel company planning to build two public stations for liquid biogas in connection with Sandahl’s Lulea and Vargarda terminals.

Volvo says using renewable biogas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 and 100 per cent, meaning new trucks using this fuel will reduce emissions by 174,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents from now until 2033.

“Liquid biogas is a very good fossil-fuel alternative for long and heavy transports, and we already have 30 biogas trucks,” Sandahls CEO Mikael Ingesson says.

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“The new large order for 120 Volvo trucks means that a total of 150 of our 350 trucks will soon be biogas trucks.”

Sandahls also operates five combined terminals where goods are reloaded from road to rail, allowing trains to be powered by green electricity and reduce their emissions.

The logistics company is a family-owned group that offers road and intermodal domestic transport.

Volvo says it’s proud to be supporting the logistics company as it moves to make its operations more sustainable.

Volvo Trucks Sweden CEO Stefan Strand says: “We are happy that Sandahls chose to place such a large order on our trucks that run on liquefied gas – it means a lot, not just for us at Volvo Trucks.”

“These trucks will significantly reduce the level of emissions from road transport, which is a positive for us all.”

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