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Volvo FH Electric wins prestigious award

Volvo’s FH Electric continues to be recognised with its latest achievement, this time on an international scale

Volvo has announced that its FH Electric truck has been selected as the 2024 International Truck of the Year.

Volvo says the jury selected to adjudicate the winner praised the electric truck’s performance, seamless acceleration, quietness and vibration-free behaviour.

“With the introduction of the FH Electric, Volvo trucks has delivered a state-of-the-art battery electric vehicle range, suitable for a wide array of transport operations,” International Truck of the Year chairman Gianerico Griffini says.

“It’s proof that the energy transition is gaining strength even in today’s challenging business environment.”

Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm accepted the award during the prize ceremony at the Solutrans Transport Exhibition in Lyon, France.

Alm says that he’s proud that the FH Electric has become the first electric truck to be selected to win this award.

“The Volvo FH Electric represents a new era in trucking and winning this award clearly shows that the shift to zero-emissions transport is happening here and now,” Alm says.

“I sincerely want to thank everyone who has contributed to this success. It’s based on great teamwork with passion and dedication among our colleagues within the Volvo Group, and close cooperation with our valued customers, partners and suppliers.”

 Volvo accepting the Truck of the Year award in Lyon

It’s the fourth time Volvo’s FH model has won the award. Volvo says the truck continues to be one of the industry’s most successful models, with close to 1.4 million FH trucks being sold across the globe.

Production of the FH Electric started in 2022 at Volvo’s Gothenburg factory in Sweden, while this year production in its Ghent factory in Belgium began. Volvo says the truck can operate at a total of 44 tonnes.

Since becoming the first global manufacturer to begin electric truck series production in 2019, Volvo says it now has a broad electric truck line-up, with a total of six electric trucks designed to handle a wide variety of transport assignments in the present.

Volvo says it’s also leading the market for heavy electric trucks in Europe with a market share of 49 per cent.

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