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Volvo continues expansion with more electric trucks released

Volvo Trucks Australia says its expanding range of trucks combine electric options with a range of rigid trucks

Volvo Australia says it is releasing new models of trucks as it continues to expand in Australia.

Rigid versions of Volvo’s FH, FM and FMX electric trucks will hit the market this year presenting an opportunity for fleets to reduce noise and tailpipe emissions.

Being well progressed on their electric battery heavy vehicle journey Volvo now has access to multiple battery, cab and chassis options enabling the heavy rigid trucks to be designed to carry electric superstructures.

“With these new, electric trucks we are making it easier than ever for even more customers to go electric, and for cities to shift to zero-emission vehicles for virtually all transport flows,” Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm says.

“Our customers can have these trucks custom-built for their specific operation, to cut emissions while getting the same functionality as the diesel truck they are using today.”

Volvo says the electric trucks present an opportunity to reduce emissions and noise in the transport sector, helping to make cities more livable.

It says the new rigid trucks have a battery capacity of between 180-540kWh, with the potential to add extra batteries for greater flexibility of use.

“These trucks can handle all kinds of transports, from lighter to heavy loads,” Alms says.

Rigid electric trucks are on the way

“Customers can choose the exact battery capacity they need for their assignments, and by not carrying more batteries onboard than needed, the payload can increase.

“In short, we have the optimal and most cost-efficient electric transport solution, no matter what the task is.”

Released for sale in December 2022, Volvo’s FH, FM and FMX electric rigids are due to start production in March 2023.

These trucks can be delivered with a variety of options including Sleeper, High, X-High sleeper cabs, and axle configurations 4x2R, 6x2R, 6x4R, 8x2R, and 8x4R.

The March versions will have a 490kW driveline, with three electric motors and battery capacity of 450-540kWh with five or six batteries.

A 330kW driveline version will be released for sale in February with production from May 2023.

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