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Volvo commits to Australian manufacturing future

Volvo is adamant it won't be fully importing trucks while the Wacol plant is running, as reported by Steve Brooks

The Volvo Group Australia (VGA) is committing to investing in its Wacol manufacturing factory after severe supply chain disruption in recent times.

Despite recent supply chain disruption’s causing Volvo to import its trucks from factories in Sweden and Saudi Arabia, the company is adamant it is still using its Wacol plant in Australia.

According to Volvo, the disruption to supply chain efficiency in recent years, coupled with an increased demand for Volvo trucks, proved challenging for the Wacol plant.

As reported by Steve Brooks in our sister publication OwnerDriver, it has made moves to improve the capabilities and processes of the plant to better cope with these challenges in future.

“Volvo Group Australia is supplementing the supply of locally manufactured vehicles with CBU units from Sweden and Saudi Arabia,” VGA president and CEO Martin Merrick says.

“Like many global businesses, VGA experienced severe supply chain disruption during 2021. This, compounded with unprecedented demand for our trucks, has proved challenging for our Wacol plant.

“Volvo Group is completely committed to the future of Australian manufacturing and of our Wacol factory. Significant investment has been made over the last 12 months to increase our manufacturing footprint in Australia.”

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Investments made include installing new manufacturing processes, significantly growing its workforce and expanding its Wacol warehousing capability to shorten the supply chain and future-proof the facility.

According to VGA, these moves will help limit any moves to fully imported trucks and will instead ensure the current and future viability of the Wacol production plant.

The company is also intending to manufacture electric trucks at the Wacol plant as part of its global sustainability strategy to solidify Wacol’s importance to Volvo Australia.

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