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Volkswagen commercial vehicle sales dip

Delivery results vary greatly around the world but global numbers fall


Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle sales have dipped slightly year-on-year to 356,400 units, a two per cent decline on the first 10 months in 2014.

A company report says the October figures stem from falling deliveries in Eastern Europe, down  18.7 per cent to 25,000; South America, down 6.4 per cent to 31,300; and Western Europe, down 1.6 per cent to 235,400.

The biggest fall was in Brazil’s market, which saw a 35.2 per cent decrease in deliveries to 10,000 for the ten-month period.  

Germany also saw a dip, finishing 6.3 per cent short of 2014 at 91,200.

The latest report did have positives for Volkswagen; with a 46.4 per cent rise in Turkey’s delivery numbers aiding the manufacturer increase its Middle East segment, which finished up 39.6 per cent at 28,300.

Local markets in Argentina (up 18.9 per cent), Spain (up 10.6 per cent), and the UK (up 9 per cent) have also had positive years so far.

In model terms, Volkswagen says global sales numbers of Caddy (down seven per cent) and Amarok (down 1.3 per cent) models fell in 2015 to 114,300 and 62,600, respectively.

However, numbers for its Transporter range (up 1.9 per cent) and Crafter variants (up 2.9 per cent) rose to 139,100 and 40,400, respectively.


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