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Viva Energy to supply fuel to defence force under new contract

The new deal will see military fuel production return to Viva Energy’s Geelong refinery

Viva Energy has announced it has signed a significant contract with the Department of Defence to supply aviation, marine and ground fuel to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The fuel supply contract is for an initial six-year term which may be extended to 12 years. It will see Viva Energy play a key role in underpinning Australia’s national security through supply of fuel to the ADF both locally and internationally.

As part of the deal and as an important Australian Industry Capability activity, Viva Energy will resume production at Geelong Refinery of F-44 (Avcat) or JP-5, a military specification aviation turbine fuel used on aircraft carriers. Currently, this high-flash jet fuel is manufactured and imported from overseas.

The scope of the contract will see Viva Energy supplying fuel to all Defence Fuel Installations (DFIs) around Australia and the RMAF Base Butterworth in Malaysia. Viva Energy will also be responsible for fuel supply to ADF aircraft and vessels at all commercial airports, ports and marinas in Australia and around the world. Under this contract, Viva Energy also looks forward to working with the ADF on the energy transition and renewable fuels.

Viva Energy CEO and MD Scott Wyatt says the agreement expands Viva Energy’s important role in fuel security and extends its strategic relationship with the ADF.

“This is a significant contract for both our Refining and Commercial & Industrial businesses,” Wyatt says.

“We are delighted to extend our strategic relationship with the Commonwealth and look forward to supporting the ADF’s Australian and international fuel requirements as a key enabler of their capability.

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“The resumption of local manufacturing of F-44 (Avcat) at Geelong Refinery is a highlight, reinforcing our commitment to the nation’s energy security. This builds on our project to construct 90 million litres of diesel storage tanks on the site, due for completion in 2024. Viva Energy looks forward to further strengthening our relationship with the ADF and also supporting the ADF’s energy transition in the future.

“I would like to thank the Commonwealth for its confidence in Viva Energy and look forward to successfully implementing this contract and delivering a safer, simpler and more assured Defence Fuel Supply Chain in collaboration with the ADF.”

Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy says the federal government is proud to be supporting Australian industry and jobs rather than importing Specialist Military Aviation Fuel.

“Coming after years of declining local oil refining and fuel production, this will be good for Australia’s defence, good for Australia’s energy security and good for Australian jobs,” Conroy says.

“We are really pleased about the difference this will make in the regional centre of Geelong in Victoria. The government is working hard to build a resilient fuel supply for Defence and to strengthen Australia’s national security – and this domestic fuel supply contract will contribute to this.”

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