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Victorian Transport Industry Safety Group reinvigorated

Committee of industry associations, police and road authorities to work directly with the Coroner on data-backed safety solutions


Victoria’s peak employer bodies have come together with police and VicRoads to enhance road and occupational safety for the transport industry.

The Transport Industry Safety Group (TSIG) will meet quarterly to research new solutions in cooperation with the state coroner.

Victorian Transport Association (VTA) CEO Peter Anderson has been named Chair of the group that he says is effectively a ‘think tank’ for transport industry safety initiatives.

While the group has been in operation since 1995, the newly “reinvigorated” version is looking to bring the stakeholders together for deeper conversations on the real road toll in Victoria.

“The TISG is a working group that will produce actions and solutions based on fact to improve community safety and work towards reducing harm to all,” he says.

The group consists of senior executives from organisations including: the VTA, VicRoads, Victoria Police, the Victorian WorkCover Authority, the Transport Accident Commission, the Bus Association (Victoria), the National Transport Commission, the Transport Workers Union and the Australian Road Research Board.

Anderson says the “very powerful” group will be in a position to combine data and resources from all sources in an effort to find the most effective solutions.

While heavy vehicles will be a key focus, the group will consider the context of all road users in its research and recommendations.

“It’s about community and safety,” Anderson says. “We need to integrate all types of vehicles on the road (into the solutions).

“We must be as safe as we can be, and make people aware of their responsibilities on the road.”

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