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Victorian Greens call for increased Victorian ute and SUV registration fee

The Victorian Greens say an increased registration fee for these vehicles will help detract people from buying and driving them

The Victorian Greens have urged the Victorian government to increase registration fees for large American-style utes and SUVs in metro areas in a bid to protect the environment. 

The Greens say the utes haven’t been designed for neighbourhood roads and carparks and have urged the government to discourage people from buying them. 

“In Melbourne we’re seeing more Ford Raptor and Dodge Ram utes bulging out of their parking spaces into adjoining roads and bike lanes, or struggling to negotiate roundabouts on smaller streets,” Victorian Greens transport spokesperson Katherine Copsey says. 

“They are big, often more than two tonnes and two ‍metres wide, and they are dirty.” 

The Victorian Greens says the City of Yarra has acted by voting to investigate increasing parking fees for these vehicles, following in the footsteps of cities such as Paris. 

Copsey says it’s critical that the Victorian government intervenes and helps reduce the number of these vehicles on the state’s roads by increasing their registration fees. 

“If SUVs were a country, they would be the sixth largest emitter on earth. They’re dangerous, with their high fronts creating enormous blind spots,” Copsey says 

“A child is eight times more likely to die when hit by an SUV compared to a passenger car. 

“That’s why the Greens are urging the government to stop these vehicles from taking over our inner-city by increasing their rego fees.” 

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