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VICT makes good on pledge to recoup strike cost

MUA and CFMEU face claims of $8.2m plus other amounts in damages


Victoria International Container Terminal Ltd (VICT) begun legal proceedings against the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and other picketers seeking damages for losses sustained as a result of last year’s picket.

VICT has filed its statement of claim in the Supreme Court of Victoria, as, during the industrial action, it promised would happen.

“We are seeking a range of damages, including for transport and supplier costs, shipping line costs, reputational damage and loss of future earnings,” CEO Anders Dommestrup has said in a message to staff.

“We do not have details of when the hearing will commence as yet.”

The claims against the two unions charge that they engaged in:

  • acts of nuisance by obstructing entry and exit to the site between November 27 and December 15
  • conspiracy to injure VICT by unlawful means
  • interference with contract, trade and business
  • causing loss and damage totalling $8.2 million plus reputational damage and loss of future earnings.

The quantified recompense sought are $5.5 million in transport and supplier costs, including that due to stranded cargo, and $2.7 million in shipping line costs, including revenue foregone and the costs of outsourcing contracted services.

The amount of reputational damage and loss of future earnings costs is to be provided to the court before the trial.


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