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Users of spiked wheel nuts put on notice

Drivers of trucks with spiked wheel nuts warned to stop using them by peak trucking lobby and RTA

December 11, 2009

Drivers of trucks with spiked wheel nuts have been put on notice by the peak trucking lobby and the NSW roads department.

Both parties are urging drivers to stop using the nuts because they are illegal and dangerous to other motorists.

ATA Chairman Trevor Martyn has also labelled the users as “cowboys” who may undermine efforts to improve the industry’s image.

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has asked anyone who sees a vehicle with the nuts to report it to authorities so they can inspect the vehicle.

In a letter to the industry, General Manager of Compliance and Freight Strategy Philip Halton says the nuts have recently become popular among long distance drivers.

“These wheel nuts are illegal and dangerous fitments which increase the likelihood of injury to truck drivers and other road users,” he says.

Martyn says drivers in NSW are already being fined for using the nuts, with authorities issuing on-the-spot penalties of $141.

He says inspectors are also issuing defect notices to make drivers remove the nuts.

“These covers have the potential to cause serious damage if they are fitted to a truck that is involved in an accident,” he says.

“They are also illegal. State authorities have started cracking down on trucks that have the covers fitted”

Martyn says the ATA’s 20 years of improving the industry’s image may come undone if drivers continue using the nuts.

“These useless and aggressive wheel nut covers will undo some of the good work already done,” he says.

“It’s would be a shame if the actions of a few cowboys damaged the reputation of all the good operators on the road.”

Halton writes that members of the industry and freight customers have approached the RTA because of concerns over the wheel nuts.

He says their decision to report the vehicles is part of their obligation to chain of responsibility laws.

“The RTA invites any driver or operator who sights a vehicle fitted with spiked wheel nuts to report that vehicle to the RTA’s heavy vehicle telephone Line at the RTA call centre 1300 364 847,” he says.

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