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UK survey shows electric van switch on the cards for SMEs

Electric van switch seen as desirable in 2022 for 61 per cent of small and medium businesses surveyed

Business owners in the UK have found time to think about their goals for 2022, with Mercedes-Benz Vans UK research showing that 60 per cent of small to medium enterprise  business owners have set a New Year’s resolution for their business.

When it comes to resolutions, MB Vans UK says businesses are concentrating on sustainability with climate change featuring heavily in the news and the electrification of vehicles not far behind being deciding factors in the change. But what is interesting is how small businesses are prioritising eco-friendly policies and changes.

  • Over three quarters of SME business owners said their top goal is to develop a sustainable business model this year
  • 7 in 10 said they planned to focus on going green
  • Two-thirds are busy digitalising their business to reap the sustainability rewards
  • 61 per cent plan to switch to electric vehicles in 2022
  • And over half will move towards electrifying their transport networks in 2022.

Nearly three-quarters of SME business owners think they will achieve these 2022 goals, and 70 per cent believe that making New Year’s resolutions are key to their business success.

“It’s great to see that Mercedes-Benz Vans UK’s values are aligned to business leaders in the SME community. We’re committed to our sustainability goals and that’s why we’re aiming to be all-electric by 2029 and why our vehicle production is now carbon neutral. This business barometer is a great insight into how small businesses, which account for 99.2 per cent of total UK business, are taking steps towards a cleaner, greener future – and that’s the for the benefit of us all,” said Kevin Ferris, head of electric mobility at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

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