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UD Trucks keep local produce running for Spudshed

For WA family business Spudshed, UD Trucks is helping them deliver fresh produce all around the state

UD Trucks says its product range is helping keep local produce flowing for Western Australian retail company Spudshed.

Spudshed owner Tony Galati is at the helm of the family business, which has spanned more than four decades.

Galati grew up alongside brothers Vince and Sam helping his Sicilian parents run a market garden established in Spearwood in the 1960s, before the garden grew to Spudshed in 1998.

The business has since increased to a multi-million dollar operation, offering a range of meat, dairy and grocery products.

Galati says the business has grown over the years due to the efficiency bonus that UD Trucks has given his fleet, with the trucks helping make deliveries reliable and efficient.

“The operation out here in Canning Vale moves around 500 pallets every day, so you have to be really quick when produce comes in to load the trucks every morning,” Galati says.

“You don’t realise how much is involved in getting produce to a retail store or to the markets, if you don’t have the reliability of your trucks then you’re in trouble.”

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Galati says reliability was a main factor that steered Spudshed towards UD Trucks.

With Spudshed’s trucks typically travelling between 600 – 700 kilometres a day and between 1000 – 1200 kilometres during the busier season, this reliability remains a must.

“We bought one truck and then another one and now we’ve got 17 UDs at this stage and we’re looking at buying a few more,” Galati says.


“They’re great on fuel efficiency and for the horsepower they’ve got and for the tonnage we cart, they’re really good. Probably the best in the market that I’ve seen.”

It was a bonus for Galati that the drivers enjoy driving the UD Trucks daily.

“The air-conditioning, the driving, the way they steer, the way they handle the road – they’re really happy with the trucks. I tell some of my drivers that they should be paying me for driving these trucks,” Galati says,

When asked about the UD Trucks Lap of the Map, Galati supported the initiative.

“I reckon it’s a good idea. A lot of people don’t see the UDs unless they drive them. So, it’s good for people to see the product and to promote it out there,” Galati says.

“You’ve got a good product and you’ve got to show the guys in transport what you’ve got. I’m pretty fussy with my trucks and because I’m an owner operator, I look at the efficiency, and with UD it’s swung me around.”

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