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TWU rejects RFNSW objection on GCCD hikes

Union’s NSW branch cites agreed formula related to costs


The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW (TWU NSW) has given short shrift to Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) concerns regarding the union’s proposed variations to the General Carriers Contract Determination (GCCD).

RFNSW has cast rate hikes of a range between 6 per cent and nearly 15 per cent as onerous, particularly in a challenging market where cost increases will be difficult to absorb or pass on.

But TWU NSW rebuffs the point, saying is seeking a safer and fairer industry for those working under the GCCD.

“In relation to all increases, the TWU’s agreed position has always been to follow the formula that has always been agreed to by all parties involved in GCCD negotiations, including the AI Group who are representing RFNSW,” state secretary Richard Olsen says

“Any increase in the rates is purely an increase that is equal to the increased costs in running the vehicles as determined by independent industry standards, and the award rate increases set by the independent umpire, the Fair Work Commission.

Read RFNSW’s position on the GCCD proposals, here

“The fact is that for the last two years, these increased costs have been borne by owner drivers.

“For the past two years principal contractors have enjoyed not having to pay these rates and it’s time they take on their fair share of the load to enable owner drivers to at least recover their costs.

“As has been indicated by RFNSW the union has no objections to the phasing in of the increases because we recognise that our members under the GCCD have gone without increase for well over the past three years.

“Fuel costs have increased, tolls have increased, the cost of doing business for our members is increasing, yet the rates paid under the GCCD are no longer reflective of those costs.

“On behalf of our members the phasing in of rate increase is a responsible compromise by the Union. We want to provide balance for companies who utilise our members for their transport needs.

“The TWU has foreshadowed an introductory rate for vehicles with a carrying capacity of less than two tonnes. There has never been a rate in the GCCD for vehicles below two tonnes.

“The TWU on behalf of members is seeking to rectify that, ensuring that those involved are provided with job security and a fair income that enables them to cover the expenses.”


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