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TWU NSW calls for immediate action to curb fatal truck crashes

The TWU NSW’s government call comes after “alarming” Transport for NSW statistics on recent fatal truck crashes in the state

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) of NSW is urging the industry to take immediate action to safeguard the lives of truck drivers following recent truck incidents.

The TWU NSW branch’s call comes after Transport for NSW (TfNSW) released “alarming” statistics on fatal heavy truck crashes across the state.

Over the past five years until March 31 this year, the TfNSW statistics say there have been 259 fatalities on the state’s roads — an average of 52 deaths annually.

TfNSW also revealed there were 240 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks during this period. Additionally, there were 4,774 injuries, translating to an average of 955 injuries annually, including 1,327 serious injuries.

The TWU says the number of fatal heavy truck crashes over the past year has increased, with 21 more people being killed than in the previous 12 months. 

TWU NSW assistant state secretary Nick Mcintosh says these harrowing statistics show just how bad the race to the bottom has become in the transport industry.

“The relentless pressures from employers and the escalating costs of living have created a perfect storm, exacerbating the dangers faced by truck drivers every day,” Mcintosh says.

“This is why the state government needs to act urgently to legislate their election commitment to strengthen the provisions of Chapter 6 to better deal with these deadly pressures.

“Trucking isn’t just a job; it’s one of the most perilous professions out there. These numbers underscore the gravity of the situation and with each passing year, the industry becomes increasingly treacherous, placing the lives of drivers at greater risk.

“We owe it to our truck drivers—the backbone of our economy —to ensure their safety on the roads. The current situation is unacceptable and demands immediate action.”

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