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TWU appoints first female national assistant secretary

The TWU has confirmed that its first female national assistant secretary has been elected as the union also elected a new interim governance branch assistant secretary of its largest branch
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The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has announced that its national council has elected the union’s first female national assistant secretary.

The election of former chief of campaigns Emily McMillan to the role follows the election of former national assistant secretary Nick McIntosh as the NSW/Queensland interim governance branch assistant secretary.

As part of the role, McIntosh will work with members of the TWU’s largest branch to use new legislative powers in road transport.

McMillan, a First Nations woman, was unanimously endorsed by the national committee of management and elected unopposed by the national council after eight years spent leading national TWU campaigns.

The appointment comes as the TWU prepares for its annual national council meeting in Fremantle, WA next week, with the union’s rank-and-file governing body to meet and discuss the plan ahead following the federal government’s new enforceable road transport standards.

WA road safety minister David Michael, alongside national secretary Michael Kaine, will address members, with senators Glenn Sterle and Tony Sheldon to join panel discussions throughout the week.

“Since the national council last met, TWU members have achieved significant wins in aviation and road transport,” TWU national secretary Michael Kaine says.

“The focus now turns to the next phase of our strategy to lift standards for all transport workers and their families. With powerful new tools in our belt, the rank-and-file governing body will decide on the path ahead to make transport safer, fairer and more sustainable.

“Nick McIntosh and Emily McMillan have led TWU members to great success and take up their new positions as transport workers are on the cusp of enacting new legislative powers to save lives, livelihoods and businesses in road transport, put an end to gig exploitation and reconsolidate a fragmented aviation industry.”

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