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Two more IT providers given EWD approval

NHVR reminds users to keep written diaries until transition period ends


MTData and Netstar have gained National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) approval for their electronic work diary (EWD) solutions.

 “The addition of an approved EWD solution is a great addition to MTData’s range of compliance certified solutions including Intelligent Access Program, On-Board Mass, Road Infrastructure Management and Hill Decent Monitoring,” it says.

The industry is reminded that rivers must continue to carry their WWD for a transition period, to ensure that they comply with the requirement of carrying 28 days of records.

Read about the ‘go live’ day for EWDs, here

“It’s important that drivers check the NHVR website to ensure they’re using an approved EWD,” NHVR chief regulatory policy and standards officer Don Hogben says.

“MTData joins the existing EWDs by Step Global and Teletrac Navman which have been available across Australia since December 1 and the NHVR recently gave the green light for Netstar Australia’s Garmin Fleet 7XX Series to be used as an EWD from January 11.”

The introduction of EWDs means drivers can record their work and rest hours by pressing a button, rather than spending time ruling lines and counting multiple time periods on multiple pieces of paper, the regulator notes.

Some EWD also include features, such as alerts, to assist drivers to manage their compliance with work and rest rules.

Any issues with EWDs may be reported to the NHVR by phone or using a website form here.

To stay up to date with approved EWDs and their conditions of use, click here.


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