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Turquoise Group receives equipment for hydrogen commercial demonstration plant

The construction of Turquoise Group’s hydrogen commercial demonstration plant is one step closer following Pure Hydrogen’s latest announcement

Pure Hydrogen has announced that Turquoise Group (TG) has taken receipt of key equipment from its international development partner to advance the construction and development of its commercial demonstration plant (CDP) for turquoise hydrogen production. 

Located in Brisbane, the CDP is being developed by Turquoise Group in collaboration with Plenesys, who have designed a plasma-based technique, called the HyPlasma technology process, that is used to convert methane gas into turquoise hydrogen and solid carbon products. 

“We are pleased to announce the next milestone with respect to the collaboration between Turquoise Group and Plenesys for the commercial demonstration plant in Brisbane,” Pure Hydrogen managing director Scott Brown says. 

“The delivery of the state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology from Plenesys followed an extensive period of engagement and planning to establish detailed specifications. 

“With all equipment successfully procured, the Turquoise Group can move towards construction and testing, with the view to proving the commercial viability of the emerging turquoise hydrogen technology.” 

Turquoise hydrogen is produced through the controlled decomposition of methane gas, which can then be converted into both hydrogen and solid carbon products. 

Pure Hydrogen says the approach is highly energy efficient, water-free and without direct CO or CO2 emissions. TG’s key focus is on the continuous transformation of solid carbon into high value products, including high-quality graphene. 

The international delivery of plasma-based methane pyrolysis equipment manufactured by Plenesys marks a major step in Turquoise Group’s plan to develop its CDP plant at its Brisbane facility 

Pure Hydrogen says it also establish Turquoise Group’s position as a first mover in the emerging field of turquoise hydrogen production. 

With all equipment now procured, Turquoise Group CEO and managing director Sam Taubert says that it will proceed with the construction and commissioning stage of the CDP, which is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2024. 

Taubert says that a six-month intensive test program will then follow, focusing on optimising hydrogen production and advancing graphene production capabilities. 

“Turquoise Group has ambitions to become a leader in clean technology,” Taubert says. 

“This technology will be pivotal in providing low-emission hydrogen and graphene production, while contributing to global decarbonisation efforts. 

“Looking forward to 2024, subject to a successful testing phase, we anticipate numerous commercial opportunities that will reinforce the viability of this ground-breaking technology.” 

Pure Hydrogen, who own a strategic 40 per cent investment interest in Turquoise Group, says the CDP facility in Brisbane is in line with its strategy to build out a multi-channel offering of hydrogen vehicles. 

It says this supported by the establishment of an interconnected hydrogen ecosystem supplying hydrogen fuel sources at scale. 

As part of the strategy, Pure Hydrogen has prioritised a partnership approach with companies, such as Turquoise Group and Plenesys, who have the technology and expertise to develop commercially viable solutions which it complements with its advantages in selling and distribution. 

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