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Turfco strengthens fleet with newest Isuzu acquisition

Turfco and Isuzu’s partnership continues to grow with the latest acquisition by the turfing company

Turfco has turned once again to Isuzu for its newest truck, bringing in a brand-new Isuzu FYJ 300-350 Auto twin-steer truck back to its 150-acre farm in Berry.

With an eye to future business growth, Turfco general manager Marcus Rogers says its fleet could use a vehicle that has payload capacity to handle the rainy season and ease the burden of unpredictable weather for the business.

Capabilities of the FYJ 300-350 include carrying huge quantities of turf or anything else that needs transporting for Turfco along with flexible weight distribution and stability as well as a six-cylinder engine.

Using a variety of Isuzu products since 2002, the fleet has expanded to five trucks that have all been purchased from its local Isuzu dealership since then.

With bigger payloads meaning fewer trips, Isuzu says Turfco isare delighted to have this new truck that it says will improve itstheir overall efficiency.

“With our new twin steer FYJ, we can get more grass on the back than ever before,” Rogers says.

“This means fewer trips and a shorter workday for everyone, which makes life a lot easier!”

Established in 1987, the family-owned business has retained a long-serving staff team that keeps its years of experience at home on the farm.

“You spend so much of your life at work, if you can make it a nice environment to be in, you hope that people will stick around a bit longer,” Rogers says.

“We’re a family business and we certainly try to treat every member of staff like extended family too.”

Key reasons behin its longevity is its deep understanding of their the product, expert knowledge of the conditions required for ideal turf and the desire to keep its customers satisfied.

Turfco has also kept up to date with market trends and innovating to stay ahead of the competition.

“The whole operation is basically paperless,” Rogers says.

“Everything is done on apps, all the way down to our trucks. All of our Isuzu trucks have trackers in them, which gives us automated ETAs to pass on to customers.

“I think our point of difference is rooted in our service to customers, we like to show people that we appreciate them.”

One of the most joyful and endearing markers for Turfco is its painted cows. A community favourite, the unofficial mascot cows are painted for any occasion that tickles the fancy of owner Scott Parker.

“Most recently he was getting them ready for the release of the Barbie movies,” Rogers says.

“It’s just something fun we do to engage the community and ties in with lots of other things we do for the community and charity groups.”

Turfco also adds to its active involvement in the community and charities by providing education for its customers.

A recent event at its farm saw customers learn more about the growing and harvesting processes and the work that goes into consistently producing its high quality of grass.

“We do lots of educational days on the farm for our customers as well,” Rogers says.

“We had one early in July which saw about 130 of our commercial customers come on the farm and learn about different types of grass applications, the machinery we use, and we had our full line-up of Isuzu trucks on display there as well.”

With more clients consistently coming on board, Isuzu is hopeful that its partnership with Turfco will grow for a long time coming.

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