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Truckies author welcomes the attention

Karp says drivers aren't the only ones talking about it and wanting to buy it

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | February 8, 2013

A book based on conversations with truck drivers which highlights illegal drug use and roadside prostitution is selling fast.

Political figures such as Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd are among the 100 customers who have claimed a copy of Truckies: Life Behind the Wheel, author and University of New England sociology lecturer Jann Karp says.

Karp, who spent two years travelling with interstate truckies recording their conversations, says many truck drivers have expressed positive feedback since the launch.

“We also have people ringing Glee Books in Sydney where the books are sold – the truck drivers are talking to them about it which is just fascinating,” Karp says.

“It’s brightened their life a lot and we’ve actually got men ringing from the road talking about what they’ve read or why they want to buy it.

“New South Wales Senator Doug Cameron has also sent me a letter wishing me all the success with it.”

The majority interviewed expressed frustration at media coverage of illicit drugs within the transport industry and believe designated prevention programs are needed.

Karp hopes the book continues to be a talking point between the industry and community.

“I have regard for commentators and unions who advocate for drivers but I think often the drivers feel like they’re removed from the workplace and I think the book closes that gap and gives them a place of discussion which I think is great.”

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