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Truck Tech and Healthy Heads announce partnership to prioritise truckie mental health

A new partnership between Truck Tech Group and Healthy Heads is set to help truck drivers and heavy vehicle workshops address mental health issues across the industry

In a dynamic move towards strengthening mental health and wellbeing support within the transport, warehousing and logistics industries, Truck Tech Group has proudly announced its partnership with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (Healthy Heads).

This collaboration marks a significant commitment by Truck Tech in partnering with Healthy Heads to work towards encouraging a healthier, more resilient community within the heavy vehicle industry.

As advocates for both innovation and wellbeing, Truck Tech Group recognises the imperative to address the mental health challenges prevalent in the heavy vehicle maintenance and repair industry.

Through its partnership with Healthy Heads, Truck Tech aims to implement effective solutions while developing a culture of awareness, support and proactive intervention.

“One tangible expression of our commitment is the customisation of one of our service vehicles which is proudly wrapped with Healthy Heads branding,” Truck Tech Group CEO Barry Saad told ATN.

“This is representative of our dedication to promoting mental health awareness and support within our industry. We endeavour to spark conversations, encourage openness and inspire others to join us in championing this crucial cause.”

Truck Tech says it is also excited to embark on a journey of mutual growth and impact, aligning its strategies with the comprehensive Healthy Heads Roadmap Planner that was recently launched.

The Planner, which can be seen as a beacon of guidance, sets forth a strategic framework for addressing mental health and wellbeing challenges, providing a ‘’how-to’’ guide for businesses to create their own Workplace Wellbeing Plan, helping to raise the bar across the entire trucking community.

The HHTS Roadmap Manual for this can be found here.

As Truck Tech delves into the future, Healthy Heads CEO Naomi Frauenfelder and Truck Tech CEO Barry Saad, along with their teams, are excited to explore the numerous opportunities for education and support that is in store for the two groups.

“We invite fellow industry stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey. By nurturing a culture of collaboration and compassion, we can affect meaningful change and create a brighter, healthier future for all,” Saad says.

“Truck Tech Group is proud to stand alongside Healthy Heads, united in our mission to prioritise mental health and well-being within the trucking community.

“Together, we will drive change, inspire resilience and build a future where everyone is able to feel supported, valued and empowered.”

For more information about Truck Tech Group’s partnership and initiatives, stay tuned for updates on its website and social media channels.

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