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Truck raffles raise more than a million for MND research

Recent truck raffles are powering the research to fight MND

Recent reports say more than one million dollars has been raised for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research through unique truck raffles.

The latest expedition truck raffle is already bringing in more than $200,000 still weeks out from the prize being drawn according to the MND and Me foundation.

The vehicle will become the fifth to be raffled by Australian transport and logistics specialist insurer NTI, with funds being provided to the foundation for further research.

MND and Me Foundation CEO Jane Milne says the studies were vital to learn more about the disease.

“We estimate there are around 2,500 people in Australia with Motor Neurone Disease and every day, two people are diagnosed and unfortunately two people pass away,” Milne says.

“There is no known reason for people to develop MND. About 10 per cent of people are familial or genetic but we don’t know why the other 90 per cent suddenly develop MND.”

NTI had now raised more than one million dollars over the past five years.

“The support that NTI is providing for MND research goes directly into researchers at The University of Queensland and over the last four years, that funding has enabled these researchers to continue their work into hopefully finding a suitable treatment and ultimately a cure,” Milne says.

NTI CEO Tony Clark says the cause was close to the business’ heart.

“People might wonder why a transport and logistics company is helping raise funds for MND research but it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about. A giant of our company, our former CEO, Wayne Patterson lost his battle with MND in 2018,” Clark says.

“We’re excited to offer two vehicles in one in this latest raffle. The and the motorhome features

The winner will be announced at NTI’s Supercars round in Townsville on July 10.

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