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Truck lobby wants NSW logbook provision changed

The LBCA wants new work diary provisions in NSW amended amid concerns they will create 'havoc'

By Brad Gardner

The trucking lobby is pushing for a NSW logbook provision under fatigue management laws to be amended amid concerns it will create “havoc”.

The Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) is concerned the NSW Government’s proposed work diary provision will unfairly burden regional businesses.

Under its current wording, the LBCA’s Andrew Higginson says people such as mechanics and truck sales managers will be forced to fill out work diaries when delivering or testing vehicles, in effect creating multiple work diaries for one truck.

Unlike other states, the NSW Government wants to impose new work diary requirements on all drivers regardless of how far they operate from their depot.

However, the LBCA wants an exemption on “incidental” situations such as when a truck is being delivered or tested on the road.

“It must not pick up things that are incidental to the business like moving your trucks from one place to another or local mechanics taking trucks for a drive,” Higginson says.

“NSW is the only state proposing this change and, if implemented as it reads, [the provision] will cause havoc to the way regional operations can be and are currently run.”

The LBCA has met with the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) to air its concerns and argue for an exemption.

ATN understands Minister for Roads Eric Roozendaal is looking at drafting fatigue regulations so he has a final say on what can and cannot be exempted from the radius provision.

However, Higginson declined to comment on the progress of the meetings, only saying the LBCA is putting its position forward.

“We have an agreed process where we are putting forward issues to the NSW Government we think should be put in the draft regulations,” he says.

Fatigue management regulations will be introduced on September 29. NSW, Queensland and South Australia have announced transition periods to the new laws due to concerns the industry is not ready to meet its obligations.

If NSW alters the work diary provision it will add to another layer of inconsistency in the laws as other states have not flagged any move to work diary exemptions.

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