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Transport industry welcomes Senate transport reform

A wide range of transport industry members have commended the Senate on newly-passed transport reform

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU), alongside the wider transport industry, has welcomed and commended the federal government and other Senate members for passing reform to enforce safer and fairer standards for transport workers, including gig workers.

TWU national secretary Michael Kaine says the passing of the bill is a “watershed moment for the transport industry”.

“This reform will save lives, quell the threat of exploitative gig competition and will make transport businesses more viable,” Kaine says.

“When this reform comes into effect, gig economy workers will gain rights and protections that cannot be evaded by words in a contract or a classification label. This is a sophisticated, world first solution to a global industrial crisis.

“Australia is leading the way to eradicating century-old exploitation that resurfaced under the guise of newfangled tech.”

Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) secretary Peter Anderson says the legislation will “bring positive change” to the transport industry.

“It is a triumph of our unity that this reform has now passed. Unlikely allies came together over the shared goal to make transport fair, sustainable and viable,” Anderson says.

“Most significantly, this legislation will give us the necessary protections to stave off exploitative gig competition that threatened to take down traditional transport operators. If the industry remains united, the future is bright for the transport industry.”

Alongside these two, National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) CEO Warren Clark and National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) vice president Glyn Castanelli have voiced their approval for the framework.

Outside of bodies, FBT Transwest managing director Cameron Dunn says this is “the first time in decades that the industry has come together and agreed on the way forward”.

“Over recent years and right up to today, we’ve come to Parliament House and advocated together for standards in transport. A good business is a safe business. A safe business is a sustainable business. This is what this bill will deliver. It will allow people to come to work and go home safely,” Dunn says.

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