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Transport groups want fuel cost addressed

Three transport groups are urging the new government to immediately address the transport industry’s fuel problem

A trio of transport groups are calling on the federal senate select committee who engaged in a two-year trucking inquiry to reconvene to address the fuel cost increase.

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU), Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) and National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) are urging the previous trucking inquiry to return to ensure commitments to enforceable standards in the industry are prioritised under the new federal government.

The transport coalition sent a joint letter to committee chair senator Glenn Sterle where they call for him to urgently reinstate the working group that assessed the industry’s problems through its inquiry.

The trio of groups cite the current fuel cost dilemma as grounds to proceed with this reformed inquiry without delay.

The TWU says rising fuel costs are driving operators and drivers to cut corners on safety, delay maintenance on trucks and drive faster for longer to earn money.

“While we welcome the swearing-in of the new federal government, there is no time to waste for it to deliver on the commitments it made to transport workers,” TWU national secretary Michael Kaine says.

“If we’re to get the regulation implemented in the timeframe we need it to save trucking jobs, businesses and lives, we need that working group reconvened as a matter of urgency.”

The transport industry groups are urging the federal government to act quickly to get a consultation process running, creating a timeline to introduce the road transport regulation required to set universal and binding standards in the industry.

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NRFA president Rod Hannifey says: “Many truck drivers and operators voted for the Labor government to ensure we had the mandate to make real change in trucking so that it can be a safe and viable industry for years to come.”

“The consultation process on industry reform needs to start today.”

The trio of groups also say they have written to new workplace relations minister Tony Burke and transport minister Catherine King, congratulating them on their appointments while also calling for immediate action on the senate inquiry’s recommendations.

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