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Transport for NSW to update road train rules

LBRCA notes inconsistencies on Newell Hwy demarcation to be tackled

New South Wales can expect to see an updated road train policy late this week.

State industry organisation Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) has foreshadowed the move but, in response to an ATN query, Transport for NSW was unable to provide details just now.

“For many years, LBRCA has actively raised issues with authorities about the inconsistency of access requirements and conditions for road trains, especially east of the Newell Highway,” the organisation tells members.

Read about the battle of the Newell Highway bypass, here

But recently, it obtained information confirming that equivalent access in NSW for traditional and modern road trains will be a reality by the end of this month.  

“However, because of the fixed dimensions of livestock crates and inherent stability issues of transporting a livestock, Traditional Road Trains transporting livestock loads will not be permitted  – unless they have tri-axles dollies – east of the Newell Highway,” LBRCA continues.

“The new NSW Road Train Access Policy is expected to be available on the RMS website by the end of this month. 

“The RMS Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) maps are currently being updated to display the new access arrangements and once in place LBRCA will provide a notice to all members.”


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