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Transport experts develop zero emission strategy

Scientists and experts are working together to reduce the transport sector’s emissions

A group of 18 Australian transport and energy experts are coming together to devise a clear strategy for decarbonising the transport industry and remaining sustainable.

Over the past year, 18 transport and energy experts have collaborated to create a Framework for an Australian Clean Transport Strategy (FACTS).

FACTS is an independent, science-based summary of the opportunities available to start decarbonising the transport industry both now and in the immediate future, as the experts will work to develop a sustainable strategy to reduce the industry’s emissions.

When devised, FCTS says it will provide prioritised policy recommendations for all levels of Australian governments as well as industry members, drawing on the expertise of transport and energy scientists to inform the development of net zero transport strategy.

The policies recommended will aim to support a net zero transport system by 2050 at the latest.

“While individual Australian governments have taken some steps forward on decarbonising transport, we have not yet seen the level of policy ambition that is required for our country to achieve net zero emissions by 2050,” FACTS chair Dr Jake Whitehead says.

“By joining our international trading partners in their transport decarbonisation efforts and altering course towards a rapid emissions reduction path, Australia can capture the major job creation and economic development opportunities that the transition to a decarbonised transport sector can deliver.”

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FACTS aims to provide a positive contribution to the public discussion on transport decarbonisation, offering an expert lens on how Australia can avoid the harmful impacts of climate change.

The group seeks to advocate for action on transport decarbonisation, highlight key transition considerations, outline targets and provide expert policy on transition to a net zero industry.

FACTS says Australia currently has many options available to transition to a net zero transport industry, but that these opportunities won’t last for much longer if they aren’t used.

The group will act as a call to action for governments and industry to implement policy actions to transition to a lower emissions system as soon as possible.

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