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Training Snippets to focus on combating rollovers

Safety organisation in driver education push to tackle industry scourge


Training Snippets has teamed up with the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) and VicRoads to raise awareness about truck rollovers.

It has produced eight videos on truck rollovers that will be incorporated into VTA’s regional workshops next month.

The Melbourne-based company is offering a 20 per cent discount on a membership when purchasing the truck rollover series that will be launched on May 6 during a two-month long campaign.

Training Snippets Director Robyn Archer says it’s time for the industry to refresh their understanding of rollovers.

“We’re approaching winter and it’s high focus on the roads; whilst Victoria’s truck rollover statistics are increasing now is a good time for companies to get some education for their drivers to try help them take into account the small things that can cause a rollover,” Archer says.

“It can happen at low speed. Our program concentrates not so much on drivers but on understanding your vehicle and understanding your load and keeping yourself safe within the cabin so that if you do roll over you don’t get hurt.

“It’s more about vehicle conditions rather than the drivers being bad drivers.”

The workshops start on May 6 at Wangaratta and conclude on May 23 at Traralgon.

The truck rollover session will look at why truck rollovers still occur and what can be done to mitigate the risks.

For more information, contact Training Snippets on 03 9696 8555.

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