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Toll signs union undertaking

Charter to guide safety and conditions for Toll workers worldwide


Toll Group has agreed to abide by international labour standards after giving an undertaking to the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), the parent body of Australia’s Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

Representatives of Toll signed the ITF’s ‘global charter of principles’, which it said would guide how it made decisions around conditions for its workers across 1,200 sites in 50 different countries.

The charter was launched at an event at the ITF’s newly-opened Singapore office, and was attended by ITF general secretary Steve Cotton, ITF head of inland transport Noel Coard, TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon and Toll MD Michael Byrne.

The charter focuses on health and safety standards, business strategies and initiatives, improvements in working conditions in developing countries and the development of projects that increase industry standards and safety.

Byrne says the company is taking a lead on improving standards for its road transport, logistics and supply chain workers.

“Our agreement with the ITF reflects Toll’s broader commitment to creating a strong and viable logistics industry that fosters a safe and rewarding work environment for all,” he says.

Cotton says the agreement marks a progressive move towards raising standards for workers.

“The signing of this agreement truly shows Toll’s promise to put their workers first and we are committed to a healthy working relationship with Toll through full and constructive dialogue,” he says.

“The unions we represent continually strive to protect and honour their members and today marks a giant step in the right direction for raising standards for workers.”


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