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Toll Group releases Australia’s first all-electric truck

Parcel pick ups and deliveries in Brisbane will now be greener with the introduction of Toll's new Smith Electric truck

September 2, 2013
Transport and logistics giant Toll Group has unveiled an Australian first – a 100 percent electric truck.
The 10-tonne Smith Electric vehicle, launched at the Brisbane Truck Show in May, will be used for parcel pick-ups and deliveries around Brisbane by Toll’s IPEC express road freight business.
“We are extremely excited to be the first to get a look at this type of vehicle,” Toll Group Environment and Energy General Manager Nick Prescott says.
All-electric vehicles are increasing in popularity overseas, account for around three percent of the US market, and are used by some of the world’s largest companies.
Toll, who is constantly looking for ways to apply new technologies and practices to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, will use the vehicle as part of a three-month trial to measure operating costs and performance under Australian conditions.
The new truck is a shining example of Toll’s broader Smarter Green environmental program that looks into the operational and economic sense of using smarter fuels such as biodiesels, compressed natural gas, and electric vehicles.
“The Smith Electric adds to the many CNG, LNG, and hybrid vehicles we operate in Australia and globally. Improving emissions, safety, energy consumption and costs also benefits our customers. That’s why we offer lower-carbon choices through our technology, fuels and energy efficiency initiatives,” Prescott says.
With zero emissions and an 80kW lithium-ion battery, the Smith Electric has a driving range of up to 200 kilometres, a top speed of 95 kilometres per hour, and a recharge time of up to six hours.
Patico Automotive is the exclusive distributor throughout the Oceania region.
“We’re proud to be representing such an innovative brand as Smith Electric in this region,” Patico Managing Director Tony Fairweather says, adding that he is looking forward to trialling the vehicle in Australia.
Fairweather thinks the product makes absolute commercial sense.
“We’re honoured Australia’s leading transport and logistics company, Toll, were so keen to be the first to use it.”
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