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Toll, Driver Reviver raise road safety awareness

Motorists are being encouraged to visit Driver Reviver sites during their journey


Road safety initiative Driver Reviver and Toll are raising awareness about driver fatigue in the lead up to the long weekend in Victoria, South Australia, News South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory. 

Aimed at reducing fatigue and promoting safe driving behaviour by encouraging motorists to take regular breaks on their journey, the Driver Reviver program has been operating for the past 26 years.

Motorists are being encouraged to visit Driver Reviver sites that are managed by volunteers from a number of organisations including Lions Clubs, the State Emergency Service (SES), the Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) and the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

“Toll is proud to be the national partner of the Driver Reviver program,” Toll Group MD Brian Kruger says.

“At Toll, we strongly believe that all injuries are preventable and everyone has the right to get home safely – and the Driver Reviver program is strongly aligned to these values.

“With the long weekend ahead, it’s critical for road users to understand the dangers of driving while fatigued, as driving tired can be as dangerous as driving intoxicated.

“With over 200 driver reviver sites around the country, there is plenty of reason to stop for respite from a long journey.”

Toll says it operates nearly 3,000 heavy vehicles that travel more than 300 million kilometres annually across Australia.

The company says it understands the issue of driver fatigue and the importance of improving awareness in the community.

“At Toll, our professional drivers spend more time on Australian roads than anyone else and we are acutely aware of the role fatigue plays in road safety,” Kruger says.

“It’s critical for government, for businesses and the wider community to work together to raise awareness of safety on our roads.

“Toll’s drivers know that planning to take rest breaks every two hours, getting a good night sleep and arranging to share the driving – these small measures can make a big difference to your safety and the safety of others on the road around you.”

Driver Reviver national director Allan McCormac says its volunteers will be on the roads during the October long weekend.

“The October long weekend is a very busy time on the roads,” McCormac says.

“With increased holiday traffic comes the increased risk of accidents and fatalities, which is why our volunteers across the country swing into action to help save lives.”

The initiative is supported by the Arnott’s Foundation, Bushells Tea, Bushells Coffee and Sunshine Sugar, who provide refreshments at the Driver Reviver sites.

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