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TMHA gives product range a spruce-up

Four models feature in release from materials handling vehicle manufacturer


The Australian market is about to see four updated Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) vehicles make their presence felt.

The Japanese forklift manufacturer has taken the covers off the SWE120XR walkie reach stacker, the Reflex RRE H Series reach truck, the Mini Mover LWE130 compact electric-powered pallet jack and the HWE100S stacker.

The SWE120XR walkie reach stacker’s retractable mast combines the compact size of a stacker with the flexibility of a reach truck for use in narrow aisles and cold storage applications, it says.

Featuring a tight turning radius, power steering as standard and mast tilt, it is a flexible space-saving solution that is ideal for use in narrow aisles and cold storage applications.

Key features include mast tilt range of 1.2 degrees forwards and 1.8 degrees backwards, mast-position sensor, controlled reach speeds and soft start/stop function.

All driver controls are located on the tiller arm.

Toyota’s Optimised Truck Performance (OTP) technology controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on speed while the ‘Click-2-Creep’ function enables the driver to operate the walkie stacker with the arm in an upright position at very low speeds, improving driveability in confined areas.

The Toyota Reflex RRE H Series reach truck, an update of a popular mode, seeks to do more than its predecessors.

“The new BT Reflex RRE H Series has a new generation ‘true vision’ mast that offers greater reach height of 13 metres, up from 10.5 metres,” TMHA national sales and product manager Jim Lobow says.

“The new, higher capacity mast can handle more weight at a greater height, making it a more robust and versatile option than many of its competitors.”

It also has upgraded steering, with four pre-defined operator settings, and a redesigned overhead guard that offers improved visibility for the operator with a transparent roof option.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment can accommodate the needs of individual drivers and features electronically adjustable floor height and fully adjustable seat, steering console and control console, plus a new accelerator pedal design.

Rounding out the updates are new iterations of the Mini Mover LWE130 and HWE100S stacker, now with the addition of PIN code access.

“This popular feature assists managers and supervisors in restricting unauthorised use of the pallet jack by assigning operator codes, thereby increasing security and safe use in the warehouse,” Lobow says.

Both models also feature Click-2-Creep and a narrow chassis.

“The HWE100S’s single mast provides a clear view on both sides of the forklift and surrounding areas while the castor wheels on both models are contained within the chassis to eliminate the chance of them making contact with the operator’s feet,” the company says.

TMHA expects its updated product range to be available to customers early in the second half of this year.


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