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Third man charged over tanker windscreen smash

Police track down the third man alleged to be involved in throwing lemons at a petrol tanker that smashed the windscreen

October 1, 2010

Police have charged a third man alleged to have thrown lemons at a petrol tanker, smashing its windscreen and causing the rig to skid down the road.

Police arrested the 18-year-old man today after he and two others fled the scene of the incident on September 25. Officers caught two of the alleged offenders, but the third man escaped.

The trio is accused of throwing lemons at the truck that was travelling on the New England Highway at Singleton about 10:50pm.

“The lemons struck the windscreen and shattered the glass, causing the driver to brake heavily and the tanker to skid for about 40 metres before coming to a stop,” a police statement says.

“Police were contacted by the driver and while officers were patrolling the area they allegedly located three men hiding under bushes.”

The men were each charged with throwing an object onto the road or onto a vehicle and destroying or damaging property.

They have been bailed and will appear in court on October 14.

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