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Teletrac Navman to unveil new AI camera at Brisbane Truck Show

Teletrac Navman will introduce a new AI camera solution at its stand at the Brisbane Truck Show, starting today

At the massive Brisbane Truck Show 2023, set to start today, global telematics technology company Teletrac Navman will showcase its new advanced GPS tracking and fleet management solutions.

At the show, Teletrac Navman will debut its IQ Camera, a sophisticated AI-powered dashcam that brings advanced safety technology to fleet operators.

This highly configurable dual-camera system provides added understanding of what has occurred with high quality footage before, during and after an event. Video data is automatically uploaded to the TN360 Operational Intelligence platform for immediate viewing.

“Providing increased visibility, context behind events and the ability to automate coaching programs, video telematics can automatically identify positive behaviours and dangerous actions, including distracted driving, mobile phone use and tailgating,” Teletrac Navman chief product officer Andrew Rossington says.  

“Drivers want to work for a company that values safety and recognises driving talent. Video telematics as well as the use of recognition and rewards programs based on transparent data are key to keeping good drivers and creating a safe driving culture.”

Australasia’s biggest truck and trailer show this year puts the spotlight on the increasingly important role smart tech is playing in the industry.

Teletrac Navman surveyed more than 1800 global fleet professionals in September 2022 and found that telematics provides a significant return on investment through improved driver performance, routing and preventative maintenance, with 97 per cent of users claiming a reduction in fuel cost of up to 40 per cent after implementing telematics.

The survey also identified that 95 per cent of telematics users reported seeing fewer accidents because of their telematics solution. Telematics improves safety management by monitoring both driver and operative behaviour and vehicle and equipment performance for both short-term and long-term benefits. 

“We’ve seen this time and time again with our customers,” Teletrac Navman transport solution specialist Shannon Kyle says.  

“It’s the visibility, the ability to communicate with drivers quickly and easily, and the data on driver behaviour that really makes the difference and helps to mitigate risk. 

“It gives managers and operators the tools and the information they need to see what needs to change and helps them to make those changes proactively. Real-time driver alerts for things like distracted driving, speeding, harsh braking and close following distance help drivers respond in the moment to reduce the risk of incidents. 

“Critically, it can reduce the impact if something does go wrong – which isn’t always possible to avoid, as there are uncontrollable variables on our roads like weather conditions, animals, and other road users. Managers and back-office staff can easily communicate with staff and can see accurate driver location in real-time, so they can direct emergency services to the correct location if needed. The quick communication telematics offers can’t be overlooked when it comes to the direct safety benefit.”

Exhibiting at Stand 104, Hall 4, Teletrac Navman’s team of sales engineering, product, marketing and sales teams will be present to answer any questions about the company’s comprehensive telematics platform.

Visitors can learn about the platform’s real-time data, analytics and reporting tools which help businesses improve fleet safety, sustainability and efficiency. They will also be able to learn about Teletrac Navman’s newest IQ Camera.

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