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Teletrac Navman in Airtec smart OBM link

Partnership to support Interim On-Board Mass Program


Teletrac Navman and Airtec Corporation have come together in the push for progress in on-board mass (OBM) developments.

The companies say Teletrac Navman is collaborating with Airtec as a new integration partner to support the Interim On-Board Mass Program.

The pair will look to deliver the requirements for Smart OBM.

Airtec recently gained Transport Certification Australia (TCA) type-approval for its smart on-board mass (OBM) system.

“We are proud to welcome the introduction of Airtec as our latest integration partner for OBM systems and look forward to enjoying a long and beneficial relationship,” Teletrac Navman chief product officer Andrew Rossington says.

“The program will allow us to offer our customers a one-stop-shop solution to address their operational needs by integrating our existing telematics solutions with Airtec’s mass management solutions.”

Read about what’s involved in Airtec’s recent smart OBM approval, here

As Teletrac Navman describes it, the interim program relates to Performance Based Standards (PBS) 2B heavy vehicle combinations on selected routes.

The vehicles, once registered with the OBM monitoring solution, can allow for an increased load to be carried as well as unprecedented access to the Australian road network.

The program provides operators with the opportunity to increase payload and utilise vehicle combinations that have not been previously possible, including PBS A-doubles, truck and dogs, and road trains.

The two companies say data from Airtec’s OBM systems are exchanged with Teletrac Navman for use through the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) and the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

“Since obtaining OBM system type-approval from the TCA in April 2019, our team has been designing, manufacturing and engineering a smart OBM solution for Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.” Airtec co-founder and MD David Hewett says.


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