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Teekay wins agreement at Port Hedland

Engineers withdraw strike plans with compromise over maximum shift lengths.


Teekay Shipping looks set to strike a deal with engineers at its Port Hedland operation.

The company had been in dispute with members of the Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers (AIMPE) but has now won union endorsement of its enterprise agreement. 

The 55 workers are voting on the plan today and on Monday.

While two other unions, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Australian Maritime Officers Union had signed off on proposed agreements earlier, the AIMPE held fast to a demand that rostered shifts be limited to 12 hours for engineers.

The union applied to take strike action on November 12, but the Fair Work Commission declared it unwarranted.

It accepted a submission from Teekay that the strike was, at some level, retaliation against the company for pushing forward with an earlier vote for its enterprise agreement among AIMPE members.

“Teekay highlights that the commencement of the industrial action coincides with the commencement of voting for the Employer’s proposed enterprise agreement,” the commission noted.

Instead, it pushed both parties back to the negotiation table.

The union again applied for protected strike action to take place on November 22, but this was withdrawn when the compromise deal was reached last week.

That includes a written object that the company will use all resources in its power to ensure rostered shifts do not exceed 12 hours. In the rare occasion when this is not possible, penalty rates will apply after 14 hours of work.

“Teekay Shipping is pleased to confirm that it has reached agreement with the AIMPE regarding the terms of a new enterprise agreement for the engineers at Port Hedland,” a company spokesman confirms.

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